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Check This before Installing Wireless Battery Uplights at Weddings

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

You may have seen pictures at a wedding or other event with colored lights illuminating the room—uplighting. These are usually placed under the ceiling and bounce off the walls and ceiling, giving the room some added color.

But what is uplighting? It’s a subset of event lighting, meant to add some color or pizzazz to an event without being overly bright.

In most cases, you’ll want to use wireless battery operated uplights for your background; they reflect off the walls and ceiling, so they are best used in indoor spaces. They can be placed anywhere in the venue, but they’ll probably be used for bars and the dance floor.

How Does Uplighting Work?

Uplighting will give the room a distinct background that makes pictures more interesting, adding a sense of depth to your photos. Because of their softer light, they’re also not going to be bright—so visitors at your event won’t feel like they need to wear sunglasses when entering.

Uplighting is far from a necessity for a wedding, but it is a nice touch for brides and grooms looking for a means to make their reception look more romantic and engaging. Plus, considering that it doesn’t cost too much and doesn’t take long to set up, you’ve found one of the least expensive ways to make an impression on your wedding guests.

Dos and Don'ts

To make cordless uplights shine (see what we did there?), here are some helpful dos and don’ts:


  • Develop your lighting scheme without consulting the event designer. Evaluate every event from a photography and videography standpoint. Photographers can take all the pictures you want, but if the lighting isn’t good, no one will appreciate them. Make sure to communicate with the event designer, florist, photographer, and videographer ahead of every wedding. Once they understand what you’re doing and how it will look, they can create a lighting scheme that best accentuates the flowers and decorations.

  • Replace uplighting with candles or market lights. Candles, especially scented ones, and string lighting are good for lighting decorative elements at events but should not be considered core light sources. They emit too little light to change the feel of an event unless used in large numbers.

  • Ignore the drama of drapes. Uplighting and drapery go together like a bride and groom in weddings by emphasizing the folds and bringing out the creases and scrunch at the top.


  • Ask your vendor about LED lighting solutions. If you intend to hold an event that involves décor elements like expensive drapery, you will want to make sure any lighting solutions you use don’t pose a fire hazard. Dimmer switches, for example, can cause fires when used with traditional bulbs. LEDs emit little light and give off no heat when switched on, so the risk of anyone getting burned or the décor catching fire is minimized.

  • Understand lighting angles. Designers use uplighting during an event, while individual table lights are typically called spotlights. While uplighting usually comes from below, spotlights usually come from above.

Set Your Lights to Stun with String Lights LA

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