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Uplighting for Weddings: An Overview

Uplighting isn't a wedding reception detail to overlook: it can instantly turn a room from unnoticeable to unforgettable. Engaging all the senses and bringing attention to specific details, event lighting lets you shape the reception atmosphere and correspond it with details that you want seen.

By distracting attention away from details you want hidden, uplighting is the lingo event managers, and designers use to describe the way the event lighting can make a wedding reception hall or venue truly shine.

If you're curious how your wedding's uplighting should work, here's a quick overview for you.

Why Use Wedding Uplighting?

Natural light will always be your best choice for a wedding reception. But when you need an added touch to the room, wedding uplighting is a great way to make a big impact. The good news is that the rental of the lighting is typically very affordable.

But why choose wedding uplighting, especially if you're planning an evening wedding?

The truth is, wedding uplighting will transform your wedding reception into a grand ballroom event instantly. This lighting will make all the difference for your event and make your reception look warm and inviting.

Wedding uplighting makes a bold statement and can be used as a centerpiece. Because this wedding lighting can be arranged in a number of ways, the options are limitless.

What Style of Wedding Uplighting is Best?

Event lighting is a matter of personal preference and depends on the style of wedding you are planning. Wedding uplighting can be used in any setting, whether the wedding is formal or casual.

There are many event lighting options available, and some are fairly simple to set up and use. There's no need to break out the ladder to create a dreamy soft ambiance that complements your wedding and reception setting.

Traditional Wedding

Traditional wedding uplighting will accentuate the room with soft, flattering, and luminous colors, while modern and glamour wedding lighting will turn the room into a party atmosphere. There is even a glow effect that will make your room look and feel like an enchanted forest.

Pastel Wedding

Pastel wedding uplighting will give your wedding a dreamy and romantic appeal. This is especially attractive for weddings that have a vintage theme, which is perfect for the bride and groom who have already nailed the wedding style.

Rustic Wedding

Rustic wedding uplighting is the most appropriate choice for a wedding venue with a lodge-themed reception. Combine this with other rustic wedding details, and your wedding will exude a rustic aura that's warm and enchanting.

Modern Wedding

Modern wedding uplighting will give your wedding a party feeling, or you can choose disco lighting in order to make your reception look like a discotheque. You can also choose dimmer lighting and include party lighting too.

Can You DIY Wedding Uplighting?

Wedding uplighting DIY projects are ideal for the budget-minded bride and groom. You can stick to the same color scheme throughout the reception or use color-changing lights to match the mood of the evening. If you can't find exactly what you want, you can always create your own color combinations.

If you are a DIY fan, you can save money and still create the perfect mood for your event by using colored light bulbs for all of your lighting needs, including your outdoor wedding. However, it's still recommended to hire an event lighting designer who can help you determine the best lighting for every room in your reception.


Wedding uplighting is a must-have for your wedding reception. This wedding lighting will give your reception a warm and romantic glow and will create a dreamy ambiance that you and your guests will never forget.

Need help setting up your wedding lighting? String Lights LA is here to help. As a company specializing in string lights design, rental, and installation, we focus on the lighting aspect of your events to give your event that unique storytelling look. We'll use lights that suit the theme and colors of your event. For more information on how you can use string lights to create your dream event, book String Lights LA today.

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