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Wireless LED Uplights Rental Los Angeles CA

Uplights are one of the hottest trends in weddings and events right now! Using these lights are one of the most affordable ways to transform your event to create an ambiance unique to your style.


 An uplight is exactly as it sounds- a high-quality LED light that shines upward to create a beautiful glow that enhances any atmosphere. At String Lights LA we have countless colors to choose from with endless possibilities to bring you the exact color you want for your event as well as the option to create dynamic moving lights.  


These small but strong lighting fixtures are placed on the ground, focused upwards and shine on a backdrop or wall that adds color and depth to make the environment come alive and more interesting.  Not only do uplights add a magical feeling in person, but they also create a space for editorial and exceptional photos.


These lights are a must when planning for a wedding, adding energy and vibrancy nothing else can!  


wedding led uplighting blue
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