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Should You Get Edison Bulb Light Strings for Your Event?

Edison lights, which have a vintage appearance and feel, are becoming increasingly popular.

These bulbs, now available in string light variants, may be a terrific way to set the stage for occasions or the ideal lighting and decorative accouterment for settings in and around the house. This makes them popular as vintage bulbs for wedding lights.

However, these bulbs are relatively expensive, so most people rent them instead of buying them. Can they live up to the hype? Read on to find out!

What Makes Edison Bulbs Special?

Edison bulbs are lighted works of art, with filaments and bulbs twisted into unusual and interesting designs. The wire within generates a flaming glow, providing a warm, golden light, much like an incandescent.

You can turn them all the way on to show off their brilliant design or equip them with a dimmer to reduce light output and invite a closer look at their particular beauty.

Are There Disadvantages to These Lights?

Edison bulbs aren't exactly the brightest. You'll lose a lot of light if you use vintage-style Edison bulbs instead of conventional incandescents (or LEDs). Many people don't completely understand the distinction between watts and lumens, the new standard for assessing bulb brightness—and this might backfire when purchasing Edison bulbs.

Edison lights also have a warmer color temperature than incandescent bulbs, generating an orangey glow that is accentuated by their antique amber glass case.

They may not be appropriate for individuals wishing to keep the place cooler because they emit the bulk of their light as heat. Edison bulbs' glass casing and filaments are also extremely fragile, making them unsuitable for households with children, pets, or clumsy people.

Are They Worth the Cost?

Edison lights may be worth the extra expense if you want to create the right mood. They quickly produce a distinctive, vintage feel at a reasonable cost.

Edison bulbs are best employed as a long-term, out-of-the-way addition. Do you like the aesthetic of Edison lights but desire a bulb that will last longer? Consider LED filament bulbs, which have a similar appearance but have LED light emitters within the bulb.

Getting the Most Out of Your Edison Lights

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your Edison lights:

  • With Edison-style lighting, you can enhance the mood of a turn-of-the-century house or add visual interest to sleek, contemporary designs.

  • To create a lovely, cozy atmosphere, hang outdoor-rated lights from your pergola, patio fence, or along walkways.

  • Combine Edison bulbs with other light sources in higher locations to create a flexible lighting mix that can be adjusted to suit different demands.

  • Install Edison bulbs with a dimmer switch in the living room, dining room, bedroom, or patio to control the ideal illumination level to create the desired atmosphere.

  • Think about LED Edison string lights for enhanced longevity, energy economy, and durability.

  • For simple installation using a hook or zip tie, look for Edison string lights with hanging hooks.

  • If you only need them for a specific event, you don't need to buy them yourself. There are string light rentals that can rent these lights for your special day.


Edison bulbs are a good choice for those who appreciate vintage style.

If you love these funky lights, the great news is that you can find them in a variety of styles and types, from the simple strand of bulbs to some with more elaborate designs in their glass casings, allowing you to match the bulbs up with whatever look you're trying to create.

Whether you want to enjoy the general ambiance they give off, or if they're just something to look at while you relax, you'll find that they add a special touch to any room or area.

Are you looking for lighting rentals in Los Angeles? String Lights LA has the event lighting design, rental, and permanent installation services you need. Give us a call today to learn more!

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